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The Safety Advisors services are designed to meet each client's individual needs. Our aim is to provide safety services that have value and when consistently utilized will result in tremendous benefit to theclient. TSA can help implement a Safety Program that will improve employee morale and make a big differenceto your "Bottom Line."


Evans & Mitchell, Inc. dba The Safety  Advisors (TSA) is a thirty-four year old safety consulting firm that specializes in helping companies minimize all costs associated with work related injuries and comply with related government regulations. TSA has successfully created, supported and assisted with the implementation of safety programs for construction companies, governmental entities, and general industry that have achieved safety goals and reduced insurance modifiers.

TSA is certified as an MWBE by North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA) and approved by Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for the function of construction safety supervisor.

With a full time staff of six, TSA provides on-site services that include safety management and training (ie. OSHA 10/30 hr, First-aid/CPR, etc.). We have experience in working for a general contractor and assisting to meet governmental  entity requirements.


DART Blue Line Rowlett Extension

DART Blue Line Rowlett Extension – 3yrs approx. $300 million project with Austin Bridge and Road as the General Contractor. Project completed over 1 million man-hours with 1 lost time accident – received the Dart Safety Award.   Served as Construction Safety Supervisor

Darnell Hospital Replacement I & II

Darnell Hospital Replacement I & II

Darnell Hospital Replacement I & II, Ft. Hood, TX - $550 million Belfour Beatty Construction project.

Served as Construction Safety Supervisor for E.J. Smith Construction (sub-contractor) for parking garage.

Dallas Urban Connector Streetcar System

Dallas Urban Connector Streetcar System

Dallas Urban Connector Streetcar System

Dallas Urban Connector Streetcar System - $5 million Herzog Contracting Corp. Served as Construction Safety Supervisor.

Dart CBD Rail Replacement

Dart CBD Rail Replacement

G.W. Peoples Contracting Co Inc. Project.  Light rail replacement of sections of the existing operating rail system.  Served as Constructions Safety Manager.

Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center Expansion and Frost Bank Bldg

Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center Expansion and Frost Bank Bldg – San Antonio, TX

Safety Supervisor for Bosworth Steel Erector, Inc.

Responsible for on-site management and reporting.

Many companies choose to delegate the responsibility of implementing special projects to a professional
safety consulting firm. Outsourcing specialized management initiatives are often the most efficient,
cost-effective means for providing services that are tailored to the individual needs of the company. Our
network of qualified consultants study the work environment to ensure compliance with federal, state and
local regulations, identify sources of non-compliance and potential hazards, and suggest control strategies.


An essential part of our safety consultants’ responsibility to the client is to provide education for employersand employees. Our corporate environmental safety and health consultants believe training is thecornerstone of every successful safety and health process. Our workplace safety specialists’performance-based approach to safety education and consulting designed for companies to achieve theirsafety and business goals.


As safety and environmental health issues gain more significance with organizational strategic planning, 
many businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to coordinate and implement an effective safety process, 
as well as provide training expertise at a nominal expense.

Employers recognize the value of employees and 
their effect on profitability; and are taking steps to protect their health and safety by hiring corporate health 
and safety consultants. The goal of our workplace safety specialists is to provide high quality health and 
safety services through:


1. Assessing the workplace for potential hazards
which impact employee safety by offering industrial 
inspection safety consulting services. 

2. Providing comprehensive and confidential services and training to clients based on needs assessed. 

3. Working with clients to develop site-specific, continuous improvement to the safety processes. 

4. Identifying and designing support systems for successful safety process implementation and 

5. Providing follow-up services and audits to assure continued improvement in the safety process. 









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